A life of a storyteller is an excitement indeed:
All hidden stories I hope
once to read


A collection of photographs, drawings and text used for storytelling purposes in an installation

Year: 2019/2020

I have a dear friend and his name is Flowerman. I don’t remember exactly when or where I met him, he has somehow always been around. Many people know about the Flowerman, yet again, nobody knows where exactly from. Some people, half jokingly, claim that he is actually a time traveller and that by this time, after all the places and eras he has visited, even he does not clearly remember his origins. But I know that he knows. He is not the sort of person to forget the roots.

Some time has passed now since I saw him and the stories circulating around are that his search has become more intense than ever before. I think we can all feel it true. If nothing, it is in the urgency with which he leaves his workplace, and each time I find it I feel an aura more potent. He is getting closer and closer to his goal, to the Flower.

Usually, he was the one who would always come to me when needed, but this time I carry a message of utmost importance for him. However, he is always just a bit quicker than me. 

Every time I manage to find some trace of him, it always comes down to his most recent workplace, but to find him in person seems impossible. Sometimes I even feel that he is simply joking with all of us, but nevertheless, my search must go on. I am certain that the information I carry must be delivered to him as soon as possible.


Searching for Flowerman is a work in continuation consisting of mixed media objects, some of which are found, some made. The axis of the work lies in my search of an idea that is embodied in the character of the Flowerman. He is as real as any other human idea.