A life of a storyteller is an excitement indeed:
All hidden stories I hope
once to read


a 40 minute operatic performance

Concept, dramaturgy:
Re:Master Opera collective
Direction: Re:Master Opera collective
Set design: Elena Štrok, Caz Egelie, Sophie Thammer
Light design: Elena Štrok, Zaid Al Aubaide, Nadia Bakhshi
Costumes: Elena Štrok, Caz Egelie, Sophie Thammer
Music: Hildur Elísa, Sabine Pendry, Amanda Payne, Nadia Bakhshi 
Performers: Amanda Payne, Ari Teperberg, Caz Egelie, Diane Mahín, luz, Nadia Bakhshi, SasaHara, Simone Goslinga, Sophie Thammer, Zaid Al Aubaide
Production: Elena Štrok

photos: Roman Ermolaev

Performed on Opera Forward Festival at Amsterdam National Opera
Year: 2023

As a collective of 14 artists coming each from a different field, we participated on Opera Forward Festival at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam.

The festival is aimed at productions that strive to find a new approach in dealing with an operatic form of work.

With our collective, we were given a six week period to create a new work from scratch. The conceptual process involved all 14 people, after which certain tasks and roles were split. My role in particular was head of the visual team (scenograohy, costumes, light). 
“I Fell Asleep At Minute Six is a new opera creation made by an artist collective of 14 students from the master program Re:master Opera at the Sandberg Institute. The piece revolves around the act of Dream-Excavation: diving into the content and form of dreams as a way of poetically exploring both the individual and collective subconscious.

Departing from a shared curiosity on the two-phase sleep pattern of medieval times, the uncanny essence of dreams, and the incredible dream documentation of Dion McGregor,

the group decided to start exploring their own oniric worlds.

Over the course of several weeks, the 14-bodies recorded their dreams in the freshest form possible: at the very second of waking up from it. Everlasting yawns, earthquaking vocal fries, shredded speeches and absurdist storylines: a treasure mine was found.

Excavating the words and vocal qualities of their dreams, the group of 14-voices composed their own creation using means of collage, pastiche and layering. I Fell Asleep On Minute Six is a poetic worldbuilding inviting the audience in the collective process of the Dream-Excavators, sailing through the waters of their own subconscious.”

— text by SasaHara