A storyteller’s life is
an excitement indeed:
All tales of unknown  
I hope once to read


A game of cards printed using the techniques of lithography and etching, put in a wooden box

Year: 2018
Photos: Elena Štrok
Baba Jaga Igra Maga is a game of cards based on old Slavic mythology and stories, as well as my own interpretation of them. In the people, Baba Yaga is most often known as a witch that punishes bad children. But she is also the holder of positive aspects, if one deserves it.

Following that, Baba Yaga represents an old Slavic idea of karma, and there lies the backbone of this work. The deck contains 21 cards, and the base is 7 different cards, repeated three times in the deck. Each of the 7 cards represents one old Slavic symbol for a god or a godly aspect, and every card holds a specific message.

The game is a will of destiny. It is designed for two players, and although the winner is the one who gets more points, it is more important for the players to finish with as similar a result as possible. The number of cards is odd, so the last card left has to be earned, and it is earned by the one who gives Baba Yaga a nicer poem. For the last card, the numeric value is not as important as the message it carries.