A life of a storyteller is an excitement indeed:
All hidden stories I hope
once to read


A site-specific musical performance accompanied by a speculative legend


Having found an old, forgotten Jelsian mandoline, I discovered that the music played on it can be contained outside of linear time and can by that be replayed from any point of the future, if one knows how. For that purpose, I’ve created a portal (a mural) in front of Ambulanta in Jelsa, Hvar, where I played a small concert. The portal can be entered only with a ticket. Seven of them have been created and distributed during the performance. 

The portal still exists at the before-mentioned place and is ready to be used at any time.

Asfikterada was created specifically for the space of Ambulanta gallery, as part of the Jelsa Art Bienniale residency 2021 and performed at the same event.
The language used to sing and perform songs is not a formally existing one, yet it has a melody and rhythm that make it sound similar to many other existing languages. The idea behind this was to experiment with the performing language itself, to see how verbal performance and singing can transmit information without trying to add external meaning.