A life of a storyteller is an excitement indeed:
All hidden stories I hope
once to read


A happening revolving around a story, silkcreen printed on paper and pasted around the city

Year: 2021

A Hundred Suns is a short story about Mr. Subject, a character travelling the Universe with the goal of locating 100 Suns that carry 100 enigmas, his mission being to bring them back home and give each of the enigmas to 100  other subjects, who will then become new Suns to carry the given enigmas, and whose unveiling will become a mission for the future generations. The story is written in Croatian and Serbian, with the thought of celebrating 100 years since the birth of Zenit, the first avantguarde magazine of the ex-Yugoslavian area.

The story is shared to the audience via a poster printed in silkscreen and pasted in the streets of Zagreb. Along with the story, the poster carries the exat date, time and place of an event that was to take place, in connection with the story of A Hundred Suns. On the given day, I dressed up in a costume and stood on a square in the center of the city with a box in my hands. The box contained 100 printed copies of the story and 100 cookies with the image of the sun on them. They were then dealt to the bypassers that chose to accept it and the happening was completed once all 100 stories and cookies were gone.