audio-visual ambient installation, performance, 2022

‘Alien’ belongs to a place or concept that is foreign and unknown to the person that is addressing him/her/it. The un- known is often scary; foreign is not often understood.

Furthermore, an alien is an ex- traterrestrial, a being so far away from our understanding that we can barely imagine its existence.

Surfing,mostliterally,isanactof riding a sea, ocean or river wave; balancing the fluctuating energy of a mass of moving water that is terrifying and, above all, exciting. In an extended sense, riding any

sort of wave is surfing and this act is available to everyone with the wish of battling the all-power- ful waves.

Aliens Surf Too is a collection of narratives, intended to always come into existence through dif- ferent episodes. Each episode presents one character that, among all else, tells the story of their home, their kind and their role in this world. Although theyarecreaturesfromdifferent places, they are all connected through Earth being one of their destinations, a place where they decide to stop for a moment to tell their story.

The character of Astraea is presented in this video, but on some occasions it is even possible to meet her in person, with the right timing...