35 mm film photo, text, silkscreen on textile

There exists a tower of time that emits the present and is responsible for our perception of time in the shape of present, future and past. It is located amidst a corn field and to people who can even perceive it, it looks like a plain electrical tower. It is his current form. It actually contains his physical form simply for fun and as a joke, because in reality it is not as necessary. If it wishes, it can go down into the ground and through it emit its signals of presence. Some believe that the tower is actually a work of Veles, the old Slavic god of magic that lives in the underground where he guards the souls of the dead. Death would not be possible without time, and Veles is known for his mischiefs. In any case, the tower has not always been in its current form and it is not known when it actually came to be at the given place. All we know is that it is located amidst a corn field.